As more people prioritize clean energy sources, your peers are using their sphere of influence to ensure that prospective customers know that propane is good for the environment.

One example is Paraco Gas Corporation using its social media channels to address environmental myths about propane.

You can do the same by using the weekly myth and its answer (below) or grab the content directly from the environmental section on

Myth #3: Propane isn’t a renewable energy.

Your answer: Bio-diesel refineries can produce renewable propane from animal fats and cooking oils before they are made into bio-diesel. These products used to be landfilled without regard. Now, they have new life in an extended way. What our research has found is that renewable propane has an ultra-low carbon intensity. Agricultural byproducts –– biomass for example –– will likely provide the ability to make renewable propane at scale. And because renewable propane’s chemical structure and physical properties are the same as propane produced from fossil fuels, renewable propane can be used for all the same applications