• Office Personnel: Safety and Sales for Customer Service Representatives – This new program provides an overview of key concepts for office personnel when handling safety related calls or sales calls for residential properties.
  • Propane Personal Safety – This comprehensive video-based training program targets all levels of the organization and shows both why injury prevention is important and the best practices to teach and encourage safe work performance.
  • Mobile Crane Safety – This program is designed to help crane operators, field technicians, and managers understand good practices and procedures associated with the safe operation of mobile truck cranes.
  • Static Electricity – This course provides propane industry professionals, facility managers, company safety officials, and others a basic understanding of static electricity, its sources, common exposures, and strategies that should be used to reduce the risk of unintentional ignition.
  • Transport Operator – A training guide that provides information, practices, and procedures to support general loading and unloading tasks for drivers who operate transports to deliver propane.
  • Cylinder Requalification – This course provides instruction on how to perform DOT cylinder requalification using visual inspection tasks.
  • Bobtail Rollover Prevention – This video training program helps bobtail drivers understand the factors that contribute to a vehicle rollover. It also gives guidelines and tips that can be applied to minimize risk of a rollover.
  • New 9.0 HVAC/Plumber Certification – This training program is developed for the HVAC and plumbing industry to assist in learning more about propane appliance and gas distribution system design, installation, and startup based on content in PERC’s HVAC and Plumber Technical Training book.

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