In the new environment section on, we answer common myths people believe about propane being bad for the environment. Each week in The PERC Update, we’ll include one myth and its answer. Check out the myth-busting page for more content like this to share with your community.

Myth #8: Propane is a fossil fuel and all fossil fuels are bad.

Your answer: Fuels aren’t binary. They’re not just clean or dirty, good or bad. They exist on a continuum from very clean to very dirty. To start, let’s agree that solar and wind are pretty clean energies once they are produced.

You might be surprised to know that propane, made when methane is purified for commercial use, takes its place on the carbon continuum close to the renewables as well, which is why propane is designated a clean energy alternative under the Energy Policy Act of 1992. It’s also not a greenhouse gas in its original state.

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