As fall and winter approach, now is a good time to make sure that your bulk storage and customer’s propane systems are ready. Among the preventative maintenance items that you may want to focus on:

  • Annual bulk plant maintenance
  • Annual vaporizer servicing
  • Customer system inspections
  • Containers and piping protection from vehicular damage (snow plows)
  • Propane systems properly protected from ice and snow damage

PERC’s safety resources include the latest guidelines, references and checklists for these types of activities. Additional resources to help you prepare include:

Operations & Maintenance Handbook for LP-Gas Bulk Storage Facilities – Use this to reference necessary site information, procedures, manuals and charts. The handbook can be used for support and guidance in emergency situations, plant operations (including start up and shutdown) and maintenance activities. Sample logs simplify the record keeping process for required inspection and maintenance activities.

PERC’s Gas Check Training Package – use when conducting residential and small commercial safety inspections. The booklet and companion video include simplified guidelines and instructions that will teach employees how to properly fill out forms and important documentation for inspections.