Retail Bulk Plants

Bulk plants are ideal for unloading railcars, fueling your bobtails and filling thousands of cylinders a day. We custom-design retail bulk plant facilities to your specific requirements. Whether you are building a new bulk plant or need to make changes to your current plant, our staff has decades of experience to help meet your needs.

Existing facility upgrades can make a big difference in plant performance. We can update your bulk plant to meet current compliance codes, increase storage, add rail towers, create greater pumping capacities and more.

We also can relocate your existing facility — whether to consolidate multiple plants or move to a new location to gain rail access. From the first plans to the final product, we will guide your team at every step.

Odorant Skids

Odorant skids provide the ability to inject specific quantities of ethyl mercaptan into non-odorized propane. We manufacture a skid mounted odorant injection system with or without product containment structure. The controlled metering system provides a documented record of the amount of odorant added, per code requirements, to a given quantity of propane.

Metering Skids

We engineer a metering skid that can be dropped into your current loading configuration, maximizing the capabilities of your existing system. It can be as simple as a BOL ticket meter or include advanced features such as the ability to link to your inventory system or billing department. It can also be equipped to allow only pre-approved drivers to load vehicles.

Equipment Parts and Used Tanks

We maintain a full inventory of spare parts used in the fabrication of our equipment, as well as most commonly ordered spare parts and kits. If you’ve purchased a system or specific equipment from us, we have spare parts readily available. We can also provide you spare parts lists and engineering assistance to help determine what part is needed. If you purchased equipment from another supplier and are in need of replacement or service parts, we can likely assist you as well.

Before you order a new propane tank for your project, consider saving time and money with a used tank. We often acquire used 18,000 to 90,000-gallon tanks when propane plants are dismantled or taken out of service, which may be ideal for your next project.