Changes to the autogas refueling process are on the horizon due to new NFPA 58 2020 guidelines.

The guidelines for the new year specify the propane industry adopt the K15 connection for all future autogas vehicles reinstated into service, purchased or converted after Jan. 1, 2020.

Unlike the outgoing ACME valve, which requires a threaded connection to the vehicle, the K15 allows for a much easier quick-connect to a vehicle for refueling. This type of connection reduces fugitive emissions during the autogas refueling process, making it more environmentally friendly and increasing driver safety, Alliance AutoGas (AAG) explains.

Fugitive emissions – or gases or vapors that are released due to leaks and other irregular releases of gases – often escape during the autogas refueling process. AAG says the average quick-connect K15 releases 76 percent less fugitive emissions when compared to the ACME connecter. Read the full article here.