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Specialty Propane Projects

We have the engineering experience and the fabrication capabilities to assist you in completing any type of special application or project.

SES designed and engineered a several propane fire training system for Kidde Inc. including a portable aircraft truck mounted fire trainer and several permanent trainers offering several fire scenarios’ allowing airport personnel to gain critical firefighting training experience.

SES also designed a BTU stabilization skid for Phillips, which stabilized the BTU content of natural gas, allowing the temperature of their furnaces used to cure light bulbs to remain a constant temperature. This component allowed them to drop their bulb glass waste from 25% to 3%, an exceptional improvement.

Provide ultra-high pressure fueling skids for testing gas turbines.

Automatic Scale Shut-Off

ScaleTec was created to add an automatic filling and stop control to any existing beam scale.

How does it work? ScaleTec is equipped with a fiber optic transmitter and receiver. As the scale beam moves to indicate increased filling, it breaks the beam of light and automatically stops the filling process. You simply attach the hose to the cylinder, set the scale and let ScaleTec do the rest.

No more pneumatics or slow systems. Now you can fill propane cylinders safely, accurately and automatically every single time.

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SNG Utility Peak Shaving Plant

Utility peak shaving refers to the use of undiluted propane or a propane/air mixture to augment natural gas, eliminating periodic peaks in the consumption of natural gas.

The equipment used for a peak shaving plant in industrial facilities is identical to that used for a stand-by or SNG plant, but with the addition of control equipment to limit the consumption of natural gas. A controller in the natural gas line manages the flow of natural gas to a predetermined maximum consumption (the peak) and propane is used to make up the difference between the controlled flow and the actual plant consumption.

Generally, undiluted propane cannot be used in such circumstances unless the addition of the undiluted propane is under ten percent of the total flow. Total flow may easily fluctuate to momentary peaks, which requires the addition of a higher percentage of stand-by fuel. A propane/air combination is generally used.

We’ve built utility peak shaving plants for suppliers such as Fremont Utilities, Hastings and Indiana Gas. Read more about success with SNG, peak shaving and natural gas curtailment here.

Primary Fuel Systems

Lack of natural gas access should not deter you from building a factory or office complex. We can engineer and construct a propane or SNG facility to handle your energy requirements.

Our engineers will develop a site survey and help you determine the amount of storage needed, storage location, adequate pressure requirements and additional pertinent details required to accommodate your new facility. We will work with your local and state governing bodies and address any public forum to educate the community on propane safety.

We have built many large-scale propane systems across the country for customers such as: Deep Creek, Koch Foods and Virginia Dept. Corrections.

Stand-By (SNG) Propane System

A stand-by propane system, also known as a SNG system, stores and handles propane and is designed to temporarily replace a primary natural gas supply.

In instances of a natural gas curtailment or complete shut-down of service to a facility, a stand-by propane system offers the customer an alternate fuel supply, allowing them to maintain a fully functional operation. Generally, these systems consist of a vaporizer, a mixer and a storage tank. This equipment allows the propane to virtually match the characteristics of natural gas and eliminate the need to replace any burners, regulators or equipment inside of the building.

We’ve built stand-by systems for dozens of companies, including: Anchor Glass, Formica, Pierre’s Frozen Foods, U.S. Playing Cards and the Virginia Department of Corrections. Read more about success with natural gas curtailment.

Butane Blending

We provide blending systems to enhance gasoline Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP), a common measure of the volatility of gasoline. These systems include storage of butane, pumping, metering and blending equipment to meet OSHA and ASTM standards. Butane is readily available and normally a lower cost alternative than other compounds used to control Reid vapor pressure. The SES blending system provides precise controlled blending at the producer and distributor locations. The blending controls at the truck loading station provide butane additive at the ratio required for desired RVP levels.

LPG vapor compressor skid packages


Propane vapor compressors are used in systems to pressurize and move propane product from one tank to another, or to recover propane vapor in a storage vessel. We engineer our skid systems with all components necessary for complete installation. Compressor skid packages can come prewired with divisional motor starters and electrical disconnects. We offer a wide variety of packages including Corken and Blackmer compressors.

LPG Pump Skid Packages

LPG (propane) pumps are used in systems to transfer propane product from one tank to another, or to supply LPG to a process such as stand by (SNG) systems. We engineer our systems with all components placed for peak performance and ease of install. Pump skid packages can come prewired with divisional motor starters and electrical disconnects. We offer a wide variety of pump packages including Corken and Blackmer.

Equipment Parts

We maintain a full inventory of all parts used in the fabrication of our equipment, as well as most commonly ordered spare parts and kits. If you’ve purchased a system or specific equipment from us, we have the spare parts ready to send to you. We’ll provide you spare parts lists and engineering assistance to help determine what part is needed. If you’ve purchased equipment from another supplier and are in need of replacement or service parts, we can likely assist you as well.