LKQ Corporation announced the expansion of its Garner delivery fleet with the addition of 19 new trucks powered solely by propane at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 3, 2020, attended by project partners. A propane tank and refueling station were also installed on-site.

LKQ Corporation is the North American leader in recycled auto parts. When vehicles are totaled, LKQ receives the parts, repairs and resells them to the auto repair market. Of the steel, oils, fluids, copper wires, etc. in a car, 95% is recycled. The new delivery fleet will operate completely on propane, a cleaner-burning alternative to diesel that is produced from components that are recovered during natural gas processing.

In addition, all future vehicles added to the fleet will use this alternative fuel. Propane reduces harmful emissions by 96% and has reduced costs when compared to its traditional fuel counterpart.

Previously, the corporation, which used petroleum-based fuels in all delivery trucks, reclaimed the gasoline leftover in the gas tanks of the totaled cars. The most expensive component of operating fleets is the purchase of fuel. Propane customers can enjoy 30-40% cost savings by choosing this cleaner fuel option. Clarence Wood Beasley of Greenwood Propane Autogas expects LKQ to displace in excess of 100,000 gallons of gasoline per year. To read the full article, click here.