As propane autogas usage continues to grow, we are always looking for service and maintenance solutions that make it easier for fleet managers to operate their vehicles safely and efficiently. Last year, we introduced you to the Donaldson Clean LPG Filter, a revolutionary filter that provides a convenient, effective way to deliver clean propane to your equipment, protecting and extending the life of key vehicle components. Many of you have added the filter to your equipment and are seeing the benefits.

We are now excited to offer a solution to easily remove propane from your autogas vehicles for service and maintenance purposes. This new autogas evacuation pump removes both liquid propane and vapor pressure, safely leaving the autogas tank ready for servicing.

With our system, autogas can be transferred from the vehicle tank to another autogas vehicle or a separate propane storage tank. The unit is designed for use outside of the shop, with pneumatic wheels and a sight flow gauge which offers a visual of the propane transfer process. If you need to quickly evacuate a vehicle tank, an included flare stack allows propane to be purged to the atmosphere. If time permits, the system allows you to reclaim the vapor to the tank in about 4 hours.

The biggest benefit of our system over others is that it is operated completely on air using a pneumatic pump, with no engine, electricity or switching of hoses. With no arcing devices needed, there is no possibility of ignition in the case of a propane leak. In addition, it is equipped with safety checks that only allow for propane flow when hoses are correctly connected.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to evacuate propane from autogas vehicles, contact us for a quote.

When purging or evacuating an autogas fuel tank, it is very important to be familiar with the fueling systems and follow all precautionary safety requirements. These videos from the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) are an essential resource for technicians learning about fuel tank evacuation.

-Jim Bunsey is Director of Operations for Superior Energy Systems.