We engineer and manufacture a wide range of certified turnkey propane autogas dispensers that are safe, secure and simple to use. Our full autogas catalog can be viewed here. We’ve sold more than 1,200 dispensers to customers across the U.S. and Canada. Our dispensers may be placed on a public or private fuel island with any other type of fuel dispenser, including gasoline, diesel and other alternative fuels. Our dispensing systems operate much like a gasoline pump, and have added safety features such as pull-away protection and heavy-duty steel construction. Plus, all dispensers are powder coated, providing an attractive exterior.

Our 1000/1500 and 2000/2500 PRO-Vend® units hold the following certifications:

  • National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures
  • Measurement Canada approved to Weights and Measures Act, article 193
  • Approved to UL Standard 495
  • Approved to Canadian Standard CAN1-12.4

Our affordable base price will fit your budget and our variety of options will fit your custom specifications.

PRO-Vend® 1000

The PRO-Vend 1000® is our best-selling dispenser. The unit is the foundation platform for all PRO-Vend® propane autogas dispensers and comes with everything you need to get started. It can also connect to any external fuel management system available today.

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PRO-Vend® 2000

The PRO-Vend® 2000 is our most advanced dispenser. The state-of-the-art unit is a fully integrated, customizable web-based propane autogas fuel dispenser that operates from a built-in, Windows-based PC. The unit tracks key data like driver and vehicle identification, vehicle mileage, and gallons pumped for a virtually unlimited number of vehicles, drivers and customers. You can create customizable reports with the PRO-Vend® 2000 without the need to purchase and install separate technology. The self-contained touch screen system features a built-in fueling video monitor, ideal for driver training and friendly fueling reminders. Click here to learn more about our in-house, cloud-based software system.

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PRO-Vend® 1500/2500 Dual Hose

Fuel two vehicles at the same time with the PRO-Vend® Dual Hose dispenser. A dual meter and two registers allow for easy refueling on either side of an island, saving both time and space. The PRO-Vend® Dual Hose can be configured as a stand-alone PRO-Vend® 1000 dispenser with an external fuel management system, or as a PRO-Vend® 2000 unit that includes fuel management system technology.

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PRO-Vac 1000 Propane Evacuation System 

Simply, safely and efficiently remove autogas from your fleet vehicles for service and maintenance. The PRO-Vac 1000 propane autogas evacuation system removes liquid propane and vapor pressure, safely leaving the autogas tank ready for servicing.

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Additional options on our propane autogas dispenser platforms include:

  • Credit card reader
  • Transaction receipt printer
  • 1,000-gallon (and larger) tank and skid addition to base tank
  • High pressure pumping systems
  • Hose retractor
  • Third party fuel management system connections (available for the PRO-Vend® 1000 only)
  • Donaldson Clean LPG Filter (recommended with all autogas refueling set-ups)
PRO-Vend 1000
PRO-Vend 1000
PRO-Vend 2000
PRO-Vend 1500/2500 Dual Hose
PRO-Vend 1500/2500 Dual Hose



Virtual Autogas System Tour

Click here to take a virtual tour of one of our complete autogas dispensing systems. Begin by clicking the blue play button, then click each white circle to zoom in and view associated options. To go back to the home screen, click the white arrow in the bottom left corner.

Installing Complete Refueling Stations

In addition to dispensers, we custom design and manufacture complete propane autogas refuling systems which include one or multiple dispensers, skid mounted tanks of various sizes and all of the necessary components needed to begin fueling. Watch this video to see a step-by-step infrastructure installation. Find out more about our refueling stations.

Complete Dispensing System