Five new safety courses are now available on The Learning Center at

The latest additions to the online learning platform are:

  • Propane Personal Safety – This comprehensive video-based training program targets all levels of the organization and shows both why injury prevention is important and the best practices to teach and encourage safe work performance. Components include an introduction to safety management for owners, managers, and supervisors as well as techniques for worker injury prevention.
  • Mobile Crane Safety – This program is designed to help crane operators, field technicians, and managers understand good practices and procedures associated with the safe operation of mobile truck cranes. This equipment is commonly used to install residential tanks and cylinders, deliver tanks that deliver temporary heat at construction sites, and set tanks and cylinders for residential and commercial pool heaters.
  • Static Electricity – This course provides propane industry professionals, facility managers, company safety officials, and others a basic understanding of static electricity, its sources, common exposures, and strategies that should be used to reduce the risk of unintentional ignition. It enables propane professionals to evaluate their facility for static electricity and static discharge hazards, implement remediation or mitigation actions, and facilitate training/instruction for all applicable employees.
  • Transport Operator – A training guide that provides information, practices, and procedures to support general loading and unloading tasks for drivers who operate transports to deliver propane.
  • Cylinder Requalification – This course provides instruction on how to perform DOT cylinder requalification using visual inspection tasks.

These safety programs are designed specifically for the propane industry and can aid with compliance and safety programs.  The programs are free of charge to the industry and available online with permanent records of training kept in the Learning Center.

Click here then click Safety Training, login or register for a new account, then search for the individual program using the magnifying glass search tool in the top right corner.